Stand out on golf courses with a custom golf glove. Easy glove is the leader in customized golf gloves »

Easy Glove can make two types of golf gloves
1. Custom: Customized your golf glove with your logo for a business, an assossiation, a golf ...
2. Collection: Men and women, with more than 60 available.

Easy Glove is a European company with French designers and fully customized golf gloves of high quality: golf, football, horse riding, biking, running, baseball.

The easy glove company began in 2009, when Benoit Offroy director and founder of easy glove was looking for different golf gloves.

He then realized that the golf gloves on the market were very limited and boring. Thus, Benoit with his love of golf and fashion has created a company
which manufactures golf gloves.

By being a partner of a factory for 4 years, easy glove controls all the stages of the order-to-delivery process, with top quality and an attractive price.

Now easy glove is proud to have more than 500 active accounts in golf for golf courses and world class companies for gifts or for events,
or any initiative to extend the profile of the company in the communities of golf, horseback riding, biking, running or baseball.

Easy glove is the world leader for high quality customized golf gloves.

Tour players use our products.
We start from 5 gloves. To have free design proposals, just send us your logo.

Our manufacturing process uses 95% of the glove's surface. Almost everything is possible, you are limited only by your imagination.

Delivery time is about 3 weeks. Everything is included in the prices: The cost of design, delivery and packaging.

"With easy glove, personalized golf gloves made to measure for men and women. Create your custom golf glove »

Benoit Offroy, director and founder of easy glove