SAS BENROY, a limited liability company with a capital of 1 000 euros, whose head office is located at 100 cours Lafayette - 69003 Lyon and whose unique identification number is 802259804 00036 RCS LYON is engaged in the sale of golf gloves and other sports) personalized and in particular ensures the marketing of the aforementioned goods through the site (the "Site").

SAS BENROY reserves the right to modify at any time the present general conditions of sale by publishing a new version on the Site. The general conditions of sale are those in force on the date of validation of the order.

The pictures of the Goods (as defined below) for sale on the Site have an indicative value but have no contractual value.

1. Definitions

The following terms and expressions mean, when preceded by a capital letter, for the purposes of interpretation and execution:

"Article" means the Good or Goods which have been the subject of the Order;

"Good": any product offered for sale on the Site by SAS BENROY;

"Order": request for Goods made by the customer to SAS BENROY;

"General Conditions of Sale" means the general conditions of sale which are the subject of the present;

"Delivery Time" means the period between the date of payment of the Order by the Customer and the Date of Delivery of the Order;

"Delivery Charge" means the cost incurred by SAS BENROY in placing the Order at the delivery address specified by the customer;

"Delivery": shipment of the Item to the Customer

"Mode of Delivery" means any standard or express delivery mode available on the Site at the time of the Order;

"Price" means the unit value of a Good; this value includes all taxes and delivery charges;

"Total Price" means the aggregate price of the Goods that are the subject of the Order; this amount includes all taxes

"All-inclusive price" means the total price to which the price of the Delivery Fee is added; this amount includes all taxes;

"Site": site of Online sale used by SAS BENROY for the marketing of its Goods.

"Validation of the Order": has the meaning given to it in Article 4;

"Online Sales": marketing of SAS BENROY Assets via the Site.

2. Scope of application

These general conditions of sale apply to all commercial relations between EASY GLOVE and its customers in the version in force at the date of the customer's order and are applicable, unless otherwise specifically stipulated, to all sales of Goods carried out by SAS BENROY through the Site.

In accordance with Articles L.111-1 and L.111-3 of the Consumer Code, the essential characteristics and prices of goods sold electronically are available on the Site (with a unit price schedule of goods).

The customer declares to have taken note of these General Conditions of Sale before the Validation of the Order within the meaning of article 4 of the present ones. Validation of the Order therefore constitutes acceptance without restriction or reservation of these General Conditions of Sale.

These General Conditions of Sale apply to Orders made for Delivery [worldwide].

3. Responsibility for on-line execution: from offer to payment

Two types of shops are available to the customer on the EASY GLOVE platform. Some are created and operated by EASY GLOVE, others are created and operated by independent online companies (the "Partner Traders").

The Goods and custom designs offered on the Site and the layout of the shop as a whole are subject to the responsibility of SAS BENROY.

The goods and personalized designs proposed in the Shops of the Partner Traders and the arrangement of their shops as well as the promotion of the articles proposed therein are subject to the sole responsibility of the Online Partner Merchant.

SAS BENROY expressly refuses to adhere to the contents of the Partner Traders, provided that they do not comply with the provisions of these General Conditions of Sale and / or the terms and conditions of the online Partner Trader. SAS BENROY is thus released from all liability arising from breaches committed by Partner Traders to the obligation to use exclusively these Terms and Conditions of Sale in their shops vis-à-vis their final customers.

4. Signature of contract
On the Site, contracts are concluded in several languages. The customer is invited to place an Order by selecting the item (s) he wishes to purchase. In the event of a prolonged inactivity of the connection to the Site, it is possible that the selection of the Articles selected by the customer before this inactivity is no longer guaranteed. The customer is then invited to resume his selection of Articles from the beginning. The Order will be definitively registered only when the screen summarizing the Item (s) of the Order, the Total Price and the All-Inclusive Price of the Order (hereinafter the "Validation of the Command ").
In accordance with the provisions of the Civil Code on the conclusion of online contracts, the contract will be concluded when you click on the button allowing you to confirm your Order after having visualized the detail of it and in particular its All Inclusive Price and have had the possibility of correcting errors. Any Validation of the Order constitutes acceptance of the All-Inclusive Price and the description of the items available for sale. SAS BENROY undertakes to honor the Orders received on its Site only within the limits of the available stocks of the Goods. In the absence of availability of the Goods, SAS BENROY undertakes to inform the customer. However, pursuant to article L.122-1 of the Consumer Code, SAS BENROY reserves the right to refuse the Order if it is abnormal, passed in bad faith or for any other legitimate reason, and in particular, there is a dispute with the customer regarding the payment of a previous order. Once SAS BENROY receives the order, an e-mail message is sent to the customer by SAS BENROY to confirm that his order has been taken into account (the "Confirmation of the Order").
The Delivery Period starts from the date of receipt of payment of the Order by the customer.
The customer has the possibility to consult at any time these General Conditions of Sale on the Site. The customer can print or save this document. In addition, the customer may archive the contractual terms of the Order by downloading the General Conditions of Sale and registering either the summary of the Order in the online shop using his browser or the Confirmation e-mail of the Order which is sent to the customer automatically after the purchase of the Item to the e-mail address indicated by the customer. This Confirmation of the Order contains the references of the Order as well as a link to consult the present General Conditions of Sale. The order confirmation can be saved or printed using the corresponding function of the customer's mail. The sale of the offered goods can only take place with people of contract age. SAS BENROY reserves the right to refuse a request for an Order for legitimate reasons.
5. Right of withdrawal and return of parcels
(1) The right of withdrawal described below is not valid for Articles made according to consumer specifications or clearly personalized. (2) Right of withdrawal As a consumer customer, the customer has a period of 14 days to exercise his legal right of withdrawal. The delay is counted from the reception of the Articles by the customer. If the 14-day period expires on a Saturday, a Sunday or a public holiday, it is extended to the next working day. The customer does not need to provide reasons to exercise your right of withdrawal. The customer may revoke his contractual declaration in written form (eg mail, fax, e-mail) or return the item. The withdrawal must be sent to:
Address: 100 cours Lafayette - 69003 - LYON
la France

(3) The consequences of withdrawal
In the case of an effective withdrawal, the benefits received from both sides shall be repaid and, where appropriate, the exploited uses (eg bank interest) to be repaid. If the customer can not return to SAS BENROY the item (s) received, wholly or partly, or only in a damaged condition, the Customer must grant to SAS BENROY, as the case may be, the partial or total value of the items. Items which can be sent by parcel are to be sent back to SAS BENROY at the address mentioned above. The return costs are to be paid by the customer if the delivered goods correspond to those ordered and if the shipping costs do not exceed the sum of 100,00 EUR or if the customer has ordered an article for a higher sum of which the customer has not yet paid the consideration or installment payment agreed upon by contract at the time of withdrawal. For orders of EUR 100.01 or more, SAS BENROY will bear the costs of return, provided that this has been expressly agreed with SAS BENROY customer service. In this case, the return costs will be refunded upon presentation of the proof of payment (this is to be attached to the shipment). Unpaid redirections will not be accepted. The obligation to refund the return costs must be fulfilled within 30 days from the sending of the article (s) of the customer's declaration of retraction.

6. Warranty and Liability
If a delivered item is defective in material or workmanship and damages are incurred during shipment, the customer must address its claims regarding these defects immediately, within 14 days of delivery, in writing to Customer Service SAS BENROY. It is expressly stated that the "automobile" gloves sold by SAS BENROYne are intended for advertising purposes only. In this respect, SAS BENROY will be totally exempt from any liability in the event of use of said gloves by the customer in the context of the practice of motor sports.
Considering the current state of technology, the communication of data on the Internet can not be guaranteed infallible and / or constantly available SAS BENROY is not responsible for the continuous and uninterrupted availability of online offers.
SAS BENROY and the customer will not be responsible for the total or partial non-performance of their obligations under this contract, if this non-performance is caused by an event constituting force majeure. The events fulfilling the criteria set by the jurisprudence of the 2nd Civil Division of the Court of Cassation will be considered as cases of force majeure. If SAS BENROY or the customer invokes an event constituting force majeure, he shall notify the other party within five working days of the occurrence or threat of such event. SAS BENROY and the customer agree that they will have to consult together as soon as possible in order to determine together the modalities of execution of the order during the duration of the case of force majeure. After more than one month of interruption due to force majeure, SAS BENROY may not honor the order, and SAS BENROY will be obliged to reimburse the customer if necessary.

7. Prices and shipping costs
Valid prices are those in effect at the time of the Order. The validity of our offers limited in time is systematically present with the offers themselves. All prices include VAT (exceptions made from offers abroad). For foreign customers, the prices on the website are the net prices, this means that taxes and customs duties will be charged if applicable. SAS BENROY delivers to Metropolitan France, including Corsica, any order placed on the Site of a value greater than or equal to 100,00 EUR without postage. Below an order value of 100,00 EUR SAS BENROY will collect shipping and packing costs, regardless of the number of packages or the size and weight of the shipment. Should an expedition for technical or logistical reasons take place in several stages, SAS BENROY will invoice only the shipping costs once. Regarding the shipping costs to other countries, the customer will go to our shipping costs page. The All-inclusive Price includes all the items mentioned in the order form (VAT, postage, etc.). Purchase price and shipping costs are immediately due (by prepayment) without deduction. For deliveries to EU countries, VAT is included in the All-Inclusive Price. When the delivery address and billing address are in two different countries, it is always the tax rate of the country of Delivery that is decisive. Clients acting for business purposes may transfer the invoice to the Hotel de Taxes. The invoice is recognized by the collection through the annotation of our European tax number on the turnover mentioned on the document. SAS BENROY does not reimburse any VAT.

8. Delivery
SAS BENROY delivers the goods ordered as quickly as possible to the address indicated by the customer on the Order. As a general rule the Delivery Time is 3 to 10 working days (Monday-Friday) from the payment. Holidays are to be counted in addition to this period. Delivery times may vary depending on the availability of the goods that have been ordered. Delay and day of Delivery are contractual only to the extent that SAS BENROY expressly attests to it and in writing as such. Within the borders of the EU, Deliveries made by SAS BENROY are exempt from customs duties. For deliveries to countries outside the EU, particularly in the USA, the customer shall bear any customs duties, taxes and other applicable taxes.
The contract is concluded subject to the punctual and complete delivery of the items ordered. This reservation is not valid in case of last minute difficulties in the Delivery or if SAS BENROY is not responsible for the default of Delivery. The customer is immediately informed by SAS BENROY of the impossibility of the Delivery.
In case of Delayed Delivery, the Order is not canceled. SAS BENROY will inform the customer by e-mail that the Delivery will be delayed. The customer may then decide to cancel the Order and send by e-mail to SAS BENROY a notice of cancellation of the Order. In the event that the Order has not yet been dispatched upon receipt by SAS BENROY of the customer's cancellation notice, the Delivery is blocked and the customer is refunded any sums debited within fifteen days receipt of the notice of cancellation. In the event that the Order has already been shipped upon receipt by SAS BENROY of the customer's cancellation notice, the customer may still cancel the Order by rejecting the package. SAS BENROY will then proceed to the reimbursement of the amounts debited and the return costs disbursed by the customer within fifteen days of receipt of the complete rejected package and in its original state.
The customer is required to check the condition of the packaging as well as the items at the time of delivery. It is the client's responsibility to issue any reservations and complaints he deems necessary, or even to refuse the parcel if it is clearly damaged upon delivery. Such reservations and claims must be addressed to the carrier by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt within three working days of the date of delivery of the items. The client must send a copy of this letter to SAS BENROY. Failure to file a complaint within the aforementioned three-day period shall extinguish any action against the carrier. The customer must ensure that the items delivered correspond to the Order. In the event of non-conformity of the Articles in kind or quality with the specifications of the Order, the customer must inform the SAS BENROY customer service by e-mail and return the Articles to the address indicated in article 5 of the present General Conditions of Sale.

9. Reserves on property
Until full payment of the amount due, SAS BENROY remains the owner of the Articles. In the event that the client intervenes as a commercial agent within the meaning of the French Commercial Code, SAS BENROY retains ownership of all the Articles until receipt of all payments from the business relationship. Consequently the customer must treat the Articles carefully until the transfer of ownership.

10. Invoicing, payment, due date, delay
The invoicing includes without exception the VAT in force of the country of Delivery. This also applies to Deliveries Abroad. The payment of the Articles is made by credit card, Paypal or by direct bank transfer. In accordance with article L.132-2 of the Monetary and Financial Code, the commitment to pay given by means of a payment card is irrevocable. By communicating the information concerning his credit card, the customer authorizes SAS BENROY to debit his bank card from the amount corresponding to the All-Inclusive Price.
SAS BENROY reserves the right to accept only certain means of payment in special cases. Payment by sending cash or checks is unfortunately not possible. SAS BENROY excludes its responsibility for any loss of cash or checks. In cases where the means of payment chosen by the client is impracticable on the SAS BENROY side, despite its implementation in accordance with the contract, in particular where withdrawal from the client's account is impossible for special reasons (for example: the customer has to reimburse in good and due the additional costs incurred to the detriment SAS BENROY or to the third party charged by the latter of the execution. If the customer falls behind in the refund, SAS BENROY reserves the right to invoice the customer for the sum of the costs. SAS BENROY is entitled to use the services of a trustworthy third party during the execution of the payment: 1) In the event of a delay in payment of the customer, SAS BENROY may assign its claim to a debt collection agency and transmit to the third party the individual data necessary for the execution of the payment. (2) By the use of a third party in the execution of the payment, payment to SAS BENROY shall be considered to have been made only when the amount, in accordance with the contract, is made available to the third party, so that the third party can dispose of it without Reserve. Banking co-ordinates for clients from within the country. SAS BENROY - Crédit Mutuel - Bank: 10278 - Window: 07327 - Account: 00020561001 - Key: 37 - Banking contacts for customers from abroad. - BIC: CMCIFR2A. Please inquire about our security standards and payment terms.

11. Respect for the intellectual property of the reasons for printing, release of all responsibilities
In the event that the customer transmits to SAS BENROY a personal motif where other influences on the Good (personalized text) take, the client ensures SAS BENROY that texts and reasons are exempt from third party rights. Possible violations of copyright, personality or the right to the name rest entirely on the responsibility of the client. The customer also ensures that by individualizing the product it does not infringe any other right of third party. The customer must dispense SAS BENROY of all claims and claims to a right against the violation of the rights of third parties, provided that the client has to defend itself from breach of obligations. The customer reimburses SAS BENROY for all subsequent defense costs and other damages.
It is not possible for SAS BENROY, as a platform supplier, to verify all printed patterns drawn by customers or online traders prior to any violations of the law. SAS BENROY reserves the right to refuse orders placed within the legal period of receipt if it becomes aware or there is suspicion, as part of the ordering process, that rights of third parties or legal provisions are infringed by a printed pattern.

12. Divergences between technique and creator
During the execution of the contract, if every effort is made to ensure that the products whose photos are displayed on the Site are faithful to the original Goods, SAS BENROY expressly reserves for any discrepancies with respect to the descriptions and the indications in our leaflets, catalogs and other written and electronic documents concerning the nature of the textile, color, weight, dimensions, design or other similar characteristics, provided that such discrepancies are tolerable to the customer. Reasons for tolerable changes may result from common variations and technical production processes.

13. Data protection
Please read below our complete statement on property protection. For questions of details please contact us by e-mail:

14. Web Store Manager
Head office of the company: SAS BENROY 100 cours Lafayette - 69003 - LYON - France - RCS LYON 802259804 00036 -
No intra-Community VAT FR 01 802259804 - Represented by Mr Benoit OFFROY

15. Customer Service
Our customer service is available by e-mail: - by phone: 09 52 99 02 35 (non-surcharged call - Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm except holidays). For inquiries via e-mail, our contact form is permanently accessible.

16a) .Protection of personal data
Easy Glove strictly applies the law 78-17 of January 6, 1978 relating to "data processing, files and freedoms" as well as the ethical principles that result from it in the personal information that you may be required to communicate to us within the framework of an order placed on our website.
A. Transmission of personal data to third parties
The personal data collected during your registration for the newsletter, the auctions, the creation and the filing of comments written, (including photographs and videos) are used to enable SAS BENROY to identify the authors. Unless expressly authorized by you on the Site, your Personal Data is not transmitted to third parties by SAS BENROY.
B. Right of access and rectification of data transmitted
As provided for in article 34 of the law "Informatique et Libertés" of January 6, 1978, you have the right to access, modify, rectify and delete data concerning you. You can exercise it by contacting us: SAS BENROY, 100 cours Lafayette - 69003 - LYON - Serve marketing, tel: 0952990235,
C. Declaration to the CNIL for e-Commerce site (file 1764842 file with the CNIL, authorization number in progress)
The collection and automated processing of personal and nominative information and the recipients of this information have been defined, declared and authorized by the CNIL (declaration number 1764842v0 file with the CNIL)
1. Unsubscribe
You can unsubscribe at any time either by clicking on the link present in all the emails or by going to the page at this address
16b. Beyond legal obligations
Beyond legal obligations, SAS BENROY commits itself to the following ethical rules:
1. Cookies
Cookie files are stored in the memory of your browser. Their lifespan is permanent. They contain a unique identifier per browser. They constitute the history of the visits on our site and on each of its pages. You always have the option of setting your browser to refuse these cookies without altering your navigation on our site.
2. Using e-mails
As soon as you place an order on our site you communicate us your e-mail coordinates which are used to the follow-up of your order. These details are also used to send you our newsletters about our products. If you no longer wish to receive information from SAS BENROY, we always give you the possibility to unsubscribe from this mailing list by returning mail or by clicking on the link in the e-mails.

17. Final provision
French law is in force except the United Nations Commercial Law (United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods - CISG), unless the law of the country of residence of the customer