Benoit Offroy founded Easy Glove in 2008.

In January 2008, Benoit was on the plane for a holiday with his family during the trip watching the clothes of the children who had polo
with logos and pictures , caps of the same style , he found that there was no golf gloves customized with original colors or logos
similar brands such as La martina , ralph lauren .... On his return from vacation and pass after these 10 days holiday on the internet and phones
with friends on different continents , the first conclusion was clear: " no brand proposed golf gloves original and colorful ."
Benoit decide to cross the world to understand the golf market and ensure no competition offered this type of golf gloves .
After more than 3 months traveling around the world , the first vision was good , " no competition "

On 1 April 2008 Easy Glove was born ! Benoit went to India, Asia , Africa , Europe to find plants that could help achieve these first
prototype golf gloves printed with different colors . The concept is new , no factory mastered the art of printing Easy Glove future.
He had set up manufacturing processes in different countries, India for materials, styles Italy , France for designs, North Africa
for the design of the first prototypes, Germany for technical validation of the use of materials and china for the final design .
After more than 6 months of testing , the first prototypes are born. It then took another 6 months to test glove with golfers on the various
continents to ensure the quality of printing, materials and technical gloves. Meanwhile teams drew the first designer
based on the country model , which allowed to bring color and patriotism.

On 1 September 2009 , the site easy- glove emerged, the first collection of 10 golf glove customize for men and women for left hand and right hand emerged.
The early returns have been positive, and in February 2010 , golf courses and shops across France have decided to return the Easy Glove brand in their stores.

During the last semester of 2010, golf courses and businesses have asked Easy Glove it was possible to make custom golf gloves with their logos.
After several weeks of negotiations with its manufacturing unit Easy Glove managed to offer golf gloves colored golf courses and businesses from
100 gloves that are available now from 5 gloves ! It was a real paris than successfully master the same manufacturing process for large-scale
its range of glove collection for his tie for much smaller amounts range . Again it took several months to fully master
the manufacturing process . The first half of 2011 and has been the year of the technical skills of small quantities for the range of custom golf glove .
To date it is over 500 corporate clients and golf courses that trust has Easy Glove.

During the 2nd half of 2011 , Easy Glove decide to tackle the European market to date Easy Glove is present in 10 countries in Europe.

It is in 2012 that Easy glvoe decide to partner with Asian partners to gain a mastery over on its manufacturing unit for Easy Glove wishes
maintain its technical lead over potential competitors .

Early 2013 , after sitting experience in Europe and have a very good command of these different ranges of golf gloves , Easy Glove decide to launch
new ranges glove sport: baseball , football, softball , horse , cycling .
A new website was created with more than 65 new models. New colletions will emerge in 2014.

In the second half of 2013 Easy Glove estimate he was finally ready to come to the USA and put up its own distribution network. From 1 January
With more than 30 agents who will canvass various golf courses and golf shops across the different states. Distribution company Easy Glove U.S. will emerge in
the 2nd half of 2014 so far is the French company that markets and sells the Easy Glove brand.

Benoit Offroy is still the president of Easy Glove and hope to bring as many colors and originality in the USA that already in Europe.

Benoit Offroy, CEO and founder Easy Glove